Chloe Mackey for Doll Eyes Easter Mass


Doll Eyes Easter Mass preview!


Rose Milk

Photography: Darla Jean
Model: Ashleigh Dwyer
Styling: The Hiding Tree


always reblog <3

Hi, where did you get that dress you are wearing in that picture of you sitting and holding your goat?

my mother made it for me (◡‿◡✿)

it’s velvet, from a simple flattering pattern, they’re easy to make so i have a bunch of dresses just like it, in different colors hehehe

hello! i just wanted to ask if it's okay if i use your baby goat pic as my userpic? i just changed it to it, but i thought maybe it was better to ask. i can give you credit for it somewhere in my page if it is needed. thanks in advance!!!

hehe it’s perfectly fine, i’m flattered and glad you like it so much ヾ(❛◡❛✿)ノ thank you for being considerate, i can tell that you are a kind person